About Our Club

The Vancouver Rotary Club meets every Wednesday noon at the Warehouse 23, 100 Columbia Street in beautiful downtown Vancouver, WA.

Our club serves the community in a variety of ways, from our annual Community Tree Lighting ceremony, to “hands on” volunteer projects in the community to planting Peace Poles which display the words “May Peace Prevail on Earth” in various languages at public locations.

Our club foundation awards tens of thousands of dollars per year in scholarships to area students and offers international exchange programs to give students the chance to learn about other cultures by living abroad.

Our members come from every walk of life. You’ll find government and civic leaders, business executives, social workers, local business owners, and everything in between.

Our 2019-20 Rotary Club of Vancouver Board of Directors:

Club Officers
Adam Roselli, President
Greg Kimsey, President Elect
Bruce Ziegman, Secretary
Nick Dawson, Treasurer
Scott Huotari, Sergeant at Arms
Jennifer Miltenberger, Immediate Past President

Club Directors
Sheryl Beauchaine, Rotary International Foundation Chair
Karin Ford, Membership Chair
David Regan, Public Image Chair
Paul Wargnier, Service Projects Chair
Lydia Stender, New Generations Chair
Dennis Short, Administration Chair


Questions?  Please contact our President.

Mailing address:

Rotary Club of Vancouver
PO Box 1000
Vancouver WA  98666