Apply to Speak

The Rotary Club of Vancouver is always looking for speakers to make presentations during our weekly lunches at the Red Lion at the Quay on the Columbia River in downtown Vancouver.

What we’re looking for

In the past we’ve hosted speakers who represent all areas of business, civic, and entertainment life: from public figures to students; from corporate CEOs to non-profit directors; from award-winning composers to best-selling authors.

What do they have in common? They have a story to tell or key community information to share. Our members really enjoy talks that educate, inform, inspire, and entertain.

We also look for speakers who can update us on current events and community issues. Remember that our club members are well informed, attentive. and appreciative of any insights you can bring to current trends and events.

What we’re not looking for

It’s important that if you apply to speak you will not be pitching a product or service, asking for donations to your organization, or asking for support for a political cause. If you are seeking support for your non-profit organization, we invite you to get to know our Rotary Club of Vancouver Foundation.

How to apply

The Rotary Club of Vancouver meets every Wednesday at Noon at Warehouse 23 in Vancouver, WA. If you are interested in speaking, you may fill out the form below or email program director Joe Vance.

Apply to Speak