Speaker Tips

Use these tips to get the most out of your talk to the Rotary Club of Vancouver:

Time: Our programs typically are 20-30 minutes long, including any questions, so adjust your presentation accordingly. Our meetings start at Noon and last about 60-75 minutes. You will be treated to lunch. And stick around the podium after your talk for a surprise.

Topics: Our selection committee will guide you on appropriate topics as well as some of the things to avoid, such as sales pitches, requests for donations, or requests for political support. Remember that we are a service organization and our members prefer topics that educate, inform, inspire, or entertain.

Media: You will have a microphone and podium. We also have a laptop, projector, and speakers available for presentations, but be sure to check with your sponsor a week before your presentation to address technical details, especially if you intend to use PowerPoint or video.

Attire: The Rotary Club of Vancouver includes men and women of all walks of life. However, many are business people and leaders from around the community, so business attire would make you feel most comfortable.